… If we don’t tell strange stories, when something strange happens we won’t believe it.

-Shannon Hale




Hello and welcome to Bizarre Stories.

This blog is about retelling (from authentic and reliable sources like Reader’s Digest) various peculiar events, many of which are unsolved and unexplainable-beyond the understanding of the human psyche. One will be surprised to know the level of coincidence or incredibly unimaginable, scarcely credible and inconceivable circumstances of various historical events, including well-known incidents or eventualities.

Be it religious or traditional customs, strange places and journeys, amazing inventions, the animal kingdom, extraordinary stories of fraud and deceit, conspiracies, prophesies, or even the mechanism of the human body, there are so many unbelievable facts and mysteries surrounding them all.

I do hope you enjoy going through the repository of bizarre stories about bizarre people, bizarre circumstances and occurrences etc. Prepare to be amazed!

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