Luck of the Draw


Just four weeks before the American Presidential election of 1956, Jack Swimmer, a Californian paint manufacturer, wrote down the number of votes that would be cast for General Dwight D. Eisonhower:

In Los Angeles County: 1,218,462 votes

In California: 2,875,637 votes

In the whole country: 33,974,241 votes

He also wrote a cheque for $5000 and deposited both documents with a charity commissioner clerk in Los Angeles.

The clerk, Gordon Nesvig, sealed Swimmer’s predictions in a brass container, put that in a wooden box and deposited the box in the sheriff’s safe, and a guard was mounted to ensure fair play.

After the elections, the newspaper journalists were called to the sheriff’s office and the papers were taken out. Swimmer’s predictions were 100 per cent accurate-down to the last digit! Or at least, that’s what was widely claimed by witnesses.

He had offered the $5000 to charity if he had been wrong, but since he wasn’t, Swimmer was so delighted that he handed over the money anyway.

Swimmer refused to reveal the secret of his success. It may have been an incredibly lucky guess. But it was later found out that previously he had accurately predicted the 1952 election results and the scores in a World Series baseball season!

Source and Reference: The Reader’s Digest Book of Strange Stories, Amazing Facts


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