The ‘Dining-Table’ Railway


Gaston Menier (22 May 1855-5 November 1934) was a French industrialist and politician, who is most famous for being the founder of the chocolate manufacturing business, Chocolat Menier. That’s French for Menier Chocolate; many of you must’ve figured that out.

But one interesting thing about him that many people don’t know is that dinner at his home was an incredibly strange affair.

Because he had meals brought straight from the kitchen to the dining table by electric railway as shown in the featured image.

Train carriages, bearing the food, ran on a four-rail track and were controlled by the person hosting the dinner. Due to this, no servants were needed nor did the guests have to pass dishes amongst each other. The train could carry 50 lbs. of food up to a speed of 2mph.

One enthralled guest exclaimed that it gives the meal ‘particular liveliness and intimacy.’

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