The prince who purchased the Black Sea

A Russian nobleman, and his beautiful young bride were strolling along the shores of the Black Sea, during their honeymoon.

It so happened that the wedding ring adorned by his spouse slipped off her finger and was quickly engulfed by the ebbing waves.

The nobleman was extremely superstitious. His beliefs would cost him a lot of money initially, but was ultimately profitable for him.

He strongly believed that the loss of the wedding ring could cause the loss of his beloved.

Therefore, he did the only thing that he could think of- purchase the shores of the Black Sea.

Yes, you read that right. He purchased it from hundreds of ‘owners’ for a sum of more than $40 million. He reasoned that if he owned the shores, then he owned the sea itself and everything that lay at its bottom.

When the prince died, his heirs no longer required the ring. But perhaps they required money. For they sold the Black sea for $80 million.


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